Iben Lundgaard

Iben is the founder of the Lundgaard Lab where she tirelessly works on her dream of finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease by targeting the glymphatic system

She holds a PhD in Neuroscience and a Masters in molecular biology

Marta Ramos

Marta is from Spain and prior to her arrival at Lund, she served as a research assistant in labs all over the world, including Australia, Malta, and France. Marta holds a BSc in Biotechnology and MSc in Neuroscience and is interested in neuroinflammation as well as imaging & visualization techniques. Marta specializes in neuroinflammatory diseases […]

Nicholas Bèchet

Nicholas Bèchet, PhD student. Nic is from South Africa but also spent a few years in the Netherlands before moving to Sweden. He has a BSc in Medicine and MSc in Neuroscience and currently works on light sheet imaging of the glymphatic system, in both rodent and pig brains. Nic enjoys cooking as well as […]

Tekla Kylkilahti

Tekla Kylkilahti, MD-PhD student. (1st year) Tekla hails from Finland, so winter in Lund feels like a summer holiday to her! Tekla has a BSc in Anatomy and Developmental Biology from King’s College London and a MSc in Molecular Biology from Lund University. Her favourite pastime is shocking people with her transparent optically cleared mice […]

Nagesh Shanbhag

Nagesh Shanbhag, MD-PhD. A native of India, Nagesh completed his basic medical training in Goa, India before embarking on an international career. He has a MSc in Experimental & Clinical Neurosciences from University of Regensburg, Germany and a PhD in neurosciences from University of Groningen, The Netherlands. Nagesh also has postdoctoral experience from Uniformed Services […]

Roberta Battistella

Roberta Battistella, PhD student (3rd year). Roberta was the first to join the lab. She is from a sunny coastal town in Italy not so dissimilar to Lund. She is interested in how the glymphatic system is affected in Parkinson’s disease. Roberta likes espresso and is a master of stereotaxic injections. In her free time, […]

Marios Kritsilis

Marios Kritsilis, MD. Marios is a medical doctor from Athens, Greece. His passion for neurosciences brought him to the North to study the complex physiological mechanisms underlying the glymphatic system. He enjoys hiking and watching Swedish cinema, although he secretly misses the warm greek weather.

Sam Madjidian

Sam Madjidian, M.Sc. Sam is the only full time Swedish-born lab member and handles all the translations from English to Swedish for the lab. Sam is the research administrator for the group and Iben’s Swedish-conversation partner. Sam also speaks Greek and Farsi (and Portuguese/Spanish) and enjoys working and practicing with his language skills. He shares […]

Chenchen Liu

Chenchen Liu, MD-PhD. Chenchen is from, China, and moved to Sweden with his family to train in the glymphatic system. Chenchen likes steaks and green tea and playing football with his daughter. Each of the Chen’s in Chenchen’s name mean different things. The first means morning and the last means dragon.

Max Wictor

Max Wictor, MD student. Max is from Sweden and worked at a pharmacy before starting medical school. Max helps assist with the 7 Tesla MRI and he has just started to discover the world of the glymphatic system. When Max isn’t googling all the new English words and concepts, he likes to play the electric […]