Oksana Tymoshchuk is from a strong and independent Ukraine and is proud of it. She worked as a professor of medicine at the Ivano-Forankiv National Medical University (IFNMU), where she engaged in preventive medicine as well as studied the quality of life and psychophysiological functions of pupils and students of modern educational institutions. She built her personal life and career and never thought of changing her country of residence. But war radically changed the life of every Ukrainian. Oksana was forced to take care of her children and therefore left for Sweden, where she now applies her clinical and research expertise to investigate the glymphatic system. Oksana has also mentored Ukrainian medical students from IFNMU to complete an internship at Lund University and was one of the initiators of the local Summer School for Students project. Oksana’s name means traveler, and traveling is certainly her passion. She dreams of victory and peace in Ukraine!

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