Marta is from Spain and prior to her arrival at Lund, she served as a research assistant in labs all over the world, including Australia, Malta, and France. Marta holds a BSc in Biotechnology and MSc in Neuroscience and is interested in neuroinflammation as well as imaging & visualization techniques. Marta specializes in neuroinflammatory diseases with a focus on the glymphatic system but sometimes also draws beautiful illustrations for our scientific publications. Marta is a member of the Medical Doctoral Student Council, where she serves as the representative of the council in the Lund Doctoral Student Union, which represents all PhD students at the university. Marta is learning Swedish and some computer programming on the side. In her free time, she also enjoys training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Interestingly, Ramos means ‘branches of the perivascular tree’ in Spanish.