Nagesh Shanbhag, MD-PhD. A native of India, Nagesh completed his basic medical training in Goa, India before embarking on an international career. He has a MSc in Experimental & Clinical Neurosciences from University of Regensburg, Germany and a PhD in neurosciences from University of Groningen, The Netherlands. Nagesh also has postdoctoral experience from Uniformed Services University, part of the US federal government and is now developing new methods to study glymphatic function and manipulations of the system for translational relevance. Besides research in the lab, Nagesh is also an avid painter who made the cover of World Neurosurgery journal (Vol. 116, 2018). Nagesh is also the lab’s prankster, and when he has a spare moment he likes to set up pranks or give the PI heart attacks by saying that grants have not been submitted when in fact they have.